Simple Susan Trading Forex Momentum Trend Trading System

Simple Susan Trading Buy

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Simple Susan Trading is a forex momentum trend trading system based on Bollinger Bands stop and TMA centered MACD. This Strategy is is very simple to used and very profitable.

Currency Pairs : 15 M or higher

Metatrader Indicators :
TMAcentered MACD v1.ex4
SimpleBars matf.ex4

Template :
Simple Susan Trading. tpl

Trading Rules Simple Susan Trading :

Simple Susan Trading Buy
Simple Susan Trading Buy

Buy :
TMA centered MACD (1&2) aqua line and below levels “0”–>see picture
UOPTrader MACD aqua bar.
Simple Bars matf green bar
Half Trend Indicator Dodger Blue line and arrow

Simple Susan Trading Sell
Simple Susan Trading Sell

Sell :
TMA centered MACD (1&2) red line and abpve levels “0” –>see picture
UOPTrader MACD red bar.
Simple Bars matf red bar
Half Trend Indicator Dodger red line and arrow

Free Download Simple Susan Trading:

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