Renko Buy Sell

Strategy Renko Buy Sell
Renko Buy Sell

Renko Buy Sell is an forex trading system reversal trend adapted for renko Chart.
Currency pairs : All pairs

Metatrader indicators:
Fibonacci daily
FS30 1
Buy- Sell alerts
Buy Sell SW
Gold 999
Triangular MA Band
EA Renko live chart

Rules for Renko Chart :

Renko Box from 5 pips.

Rules for Renko Buy – Sell :

There are 2 trading setups rules

1. retracement trade (fast trade more aggresive).
When large dots say down (yellow or red) and smaller dots turn from up to down (magenta);
you can then sell and exit at either next aqua or blue dot
vice versa for buys (gold or red large dots) smaller dots from don to up (aqua) exit at next magenta or blue dot

2. trend change when both when smaller dots say down and then larger dots say down
vise versa for buy


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  1. Hi. Please what settings are you using and time frame, because when i loaded the template it doesnt look like yours in the buy sell and the buy sellsw.

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